ASW »Asphaltprofi-Thermo«

Constant mixing during pushing off
==> This ensures best homogeneity and significantly reduced
==> decomposition of temperature and grain structure

The step-by-step realisation will start in 2015:
»Asphalt transport only with Thermo bodies«
According to circular letter RS 10/2013 from the BMVBS
„Operation announcement for measures in order to increase asphalt quality“

With thermo vehicles: Avoiding too high mix temperatures for higher transport distances or cooler paving temperatures
==> Avoid decomposition
==> No hardening of the binder agent
==> Counteract increased energy requirement and CO<sup>2</sup> output.

ASW Asphaltprofi-Thermo significantly contributes to process safety in asphalt paving

  • Very low temperature fluctuations
  • No undercut of the demanded minimum temperature
  • Best compaction with minimal porosity
  • Long lifetime of the paving
ASW Asphaltprofi-Thermo only displays very low temperature fluctuations – the most important requirement for high asphalt quality.

Very high temperature fluctuations and losses are caused by standard bodies during transport.

The feeding of the mix into the paver „in little slices“ with very high heat stability starts immediately after docking.
Further advantage: No standstill of the paver!