Road construction made easy

Fliegl metering wedge allows effective asphalting of secondary areas

Fliegl Bau- und Kommunaltechnik is a steady and reliable partner when it comes to asphalting in road construction. And the Fliegl technology does not only facilitate the asphalting of wide roads – as for example of complete highway sections.

Thanks to the Fliegl metering wedge, an optional extension to the “Fliegl Asphaltprofi”, manual asphalting as e.g. private driveways or municipal asphalting like gullies, sidewalks or shafts can be dosed appropriately with big semitrailers and carried out effectively.  

Mounted in the middle of the push-off trailer, the asphalt is divided into two equal amounts by the metering wedge and thus it is possible to fill wheelbarrows for partial material requirements for secondary areas such as sidewalks, road junctions etc.. The paver can also be feeded without having to make modifications to the vehicle.

Not only the speed but also the amount required for the road construction can thus be adjusted: This does not only save time since the asphalt does not need to be loaded with shovels anymore but it also avoids a loss of resources since only the amount which is actually needed will be unloaded. Especially important: The mixed material always remains homogenous and hot because segregation as they occur in dump trucks are considerably reduced which in turn is the reason for durable roads.