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Heavy Duty Dumper: »Stone Master«

Fliegl Heavy Goods Dumper „Stone Master“

Additionally for the relentless operation in construction material recycling, in earth moving and for transport in quarries. The exceptionally robust half shell trough made entirely of steel on a steel chassis has a carrying capacity of between 13 and 17 m³, depending on model and equipment level. Its concept is based on
know how from Fliegl’s utility vehicle construction, where thousands of products have already been proved in practice.

All seams of the trough are fully automatic robot welded. In this way, even under the most extreme stresses, the manufacture and quality of construction practically eliminate damage occurring to the heavy goods trough.

The advantages at a glance:

  • Wide track chassis for more stability
  • Steel construction 400 HB
  • Hydraulic tow bar springs

Technical data

Typen 200 Tandem 255 Tandem 360 Tridem
Monocoque app. m³ 13 15 17
Permitted total weight up to kg 22.000 22.000 31.000
Monocoque length app. mm 5.000 5.500 6.000
Hydraulic rear wall option option option
High tipping power because of oversized front tipping cylinder with twin pipe quick lowering system Serie Serie Serie
Oil required approx. app. l 43 47 65
Chute above front cylinder (excavator protection) option option option
Drawbar suspension Serie Serie Serie
Heavy duty axles app. mm 420 x 180 420 x 180 420 x 180
Diameter of Axle app. mm 150 x 150 150 x 150 150 x 150
Top speed ** km/h 40 / 60 40 / 60 40 / 60
Parabolic suspension Serie Serie Serie
Wide track chassis Serie Serie Serie

** More types on request

Technical Details