Sovereign technology, sovereign payload

Lightweight concept for the “Asphaltprofi Mega”

Bituminous mixtures for road construction reach the sites and asphalt finishers in a hot and ho-mogenous condition with Fliegl’s thermo-insulated push-off trailer. Thus, the “Asphaltprofi Ther-mo“ creates optimal conditions for high pavement quality and long-lasting roads. During the IAA (International Automobile Fair) Fliegl Bau- und Kommunaltechnik presents the lightweight version „Asphaltprofi ASS 372 Mega“.

Compared with the conventional push-off semitrailer, the new vehicle offers around half a ton more payload. “In order to optimize the payload, we designed a lightweight version of the truck body with a wear-resistant 5 mm floor and 4 mm side walls made of HB 450 steel“, says Martin Fliegl of Fliegl Baukom. „The aluminium rear wall and aluminium rims additionally reduce the weight of the ASS 372.  

„We exploited all possible avenues and made numerous fine detail adjustments in order to implement the payload advantage. It is important that these measures are not at the expense of the vehicle stability. The main focus is clearly on reliability and longevity.“  The standard volume is approx. 24 m³ – containers with 26 m³ and 29 m³ capacities are optionally available.

The 70 mm thick, absolutely water-resistant all-round thermal insulation guarantees best insulation values. A thermal sliding roof is used as cover, either a mechanical or electrical version. The temperature of the load can be monitored via the standard mechanical indicator on the side wall; a digital temperature measuring system with automatic data documentation is available for an additional charge. Both versions are in compliance with the General Circular Thermal Vehicles.

At the IAA, a fully-equipped lightweight semitrailer will be presented. “If you choose this vehicle you gain a price advantage of around 10.000 €“, says Martin Fliegl. A paver brake which is activated via truck switch for the fast and smooth transfer of bituminous mixtures comes as standard. It exerts a reduced brake pressure of approx. 1 bar so that the truck tractor is secured against rolling and the finisher can be docked smoothly. Operating errors are excluded and damages prevented. A reversing camera optimizes work safety: The truck driver can always keep an eye on the transfer process and control it and is able to react, if necessary, without leaving his workplace. He is not at any time in the danger. Powerful working lights make operations during the nighttime hours, in bad weather or in tunnels more comfortable.

The hydraulic sliding floor and the two-part hydraulic rear wall of the ASS can be controlled via remote control by default. The equipment includes a folding underride protection at the rear, suitable for the finisher as well as bolted centering plates which guide the mix specifically centered into the pavers bucket. The optional metering wedge enables the transfer of the material to wheelbarrows. The extremely flat loading edge is about 2.65 meters and thus half a meter lower as the one of a tipping trailer which has a positive effect on the load center and the driving behavior and considerably simplifies the loading process with wheel loaders. Fliegl‘s new lightweight push-off semitrailer is supplied with maintenance-friendly disc brakes and a lift axle (first axle) including starting aid.

Thanks to the Fliegl push-off technology, pushing-off can be done fast, metered and residue-free.  It is suitable for all-year-round use and, besides asphalt, also for many other bulk materials, excavation, gravel, clay and bran soils, milling material, limestone, salt, beets etc. This versatility enables high capacity utilization and competitive freight rates. Fliegl‘s „Asphaltprofi ASS 372 Mega“ combines a sovereign push-off process with a payload bonus of around 500 kg and is characterized by its high versatility.